code of conduct

our code of conduct

The following Code of Conduct is a set of rules by North Berwick Swimming Club stating clear guidelines and expectations of: the club on children and parents children and parents on the club.

A Code of Conduct is important because it:

defines acceptable and unacceptable behaviour

maintains good standards of practice

forms a basis for challenging and improving practice

aims to support volunteers and members of the committee

aims to support parents and – most importantly – children, with emphasis on safety, dignity and respect.

NBSC requests that both children (members) and parents sign and retain a copy of the Code of Conduct at initial registration to the club, and every 12 months following.

Coaches, lifeguards and all other volunteers also sign a Code of Conduct which highlights expected behaviour, aiming to maintain child safety and enjoyment of the club.

Breach of Code of Conduct may result in formal disciplinary proceedings.

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