Here are our growing list of frequently asked questions – if your question isn’t here then please send it to us and we’ll endeavour to answer!

What can I expect from the lessons?

The Club has three entry level squads and holds group assessments at key stages of the season for admission.

Swimmers at level 1&2 should be reasonably proficient in Front Crawl, Breaststroke & Backstroke.

A typical training session at level 1&2 will last for forty five minutes, during which swimmers will work on improving their technique as well as learning other water skills (e.g diving, rescue skills, tumble turns, finishes, underwater swimming and safe entries into the water).

Swimmers at level 3 should be reasonably proficient in Front Crawl, Breaststroke, Backstroke & Butterfly. A typical training session at level 3 will last for sixty minutes, during which swimmers will work on improving their technique, improving their fitness & endurance, as well as learning other water skills (e.g diving, tumble turns, finishes & underwater swimming).

We also provide an advanced session on Mondays that is designed for those children who have shown a high degree of technique in their swimming. This session is by invitation only and aims to hone the swimmers technique in the four major strokes, as well as providing concise coaching in race starts, tumble turns and race finishes.

For those children who do not pass the entry assessment, we provide Rookie sessions designed to improve their swimming ability until it matches the entry requirement for the club

The Club also accepts swimmers above entry level and from other programmes/Clubs on application to the committee.

How does my child progress?

NBSC has the following structure:


Typically for swimmers aged 6-9 years at Level 7-8 on the Scottish Swimming system to be made “club ready”. Sessions on Monday from 1730-1800hrs.


Here we have swimmers developing stroke in one session a week, either Monday or Wednesday at 1800-20 hrs.


This is our two-session/week swimmers, one of which is Development Squad on Monday night. We invite swimmers from the Wednesday squads to this when we think they have the aptitude and attitude.

What time should my child arrive for their session?

We ask that your child arrives at least 10 minutes before their session starts. This will allow time for them to get changed, take a shower and listen to the outline for the session.

For the swimmers to get the maximum benefit, please ensure as parents/guardians:

  • they’re not starving and have had a light snack no less than a half hour prior to the session (best an oat bar, banana – not crisps and haribo’s…)
  • they have their kit ready – fitting swim goggles, NBSC hat, NBSC costume, towel and water bottle

Any repeated issues with the above and we’ll have to have words with parents – frequently the above means distraction from other swimmers and lack of enjoyment and progression. Sorry – have to be strict here!

What is my child expected to wear at swim club?

The absolute minimum is as follows:

  • NBSC swim hat (from club when you go to first session)
  • NBSC costume (available from Gannon’s Sports on High Street)
  • water bottle (with water in it!)
  • two pairs of goggles in case one doesn’t work/breaks
  • towel

For some squads we will require extra kit such as fins, snorkels and pull buoys; we will advise at the start of every term.

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